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What is a Salon Suite?

Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites is operating in the latest concept in Booth Rental Salons that provides beauty professionals with the freedom and flexibility of their own private suite. Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites provides an upscale environment that has taken Booth Rental to the next level without expensive overhead.  More specifically, we are a collection of mini-salons all under one roof, similar to a doctor’s office building. Each suite is a separate room with a private lockable entrance fully furnished with everything you need to run your own salon.

Why a Mini-Salon Verses Standard Salon?

With a mini-salon/private practice salon, you don't incur costs that a standard salon carries such as electric, gas and water bills. Also, you won't incur startup costs such as purchasing salon equipment and construction. A mini-salon only requires you to sign a one year lease vs. a 5 year lease which is usually required for commercial/ business leases. With a mini-salon you reap the benefits of salon ownership without the expensive overhead of a traditional salon.

What do you need to start up your salon?

You are required to have your Cosmetology Licensees from the State of Ohio, a professional beauty (Cosmetology, Barbering, Massage, Esthetician, Nail Tech, etc.) License, Vendor License, Salon Business License from the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology & Barbering Board and Federal Tax Identification number from the IRS. You will also need General and Professional Liability Insurance.  Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suiteswill help you with obtaining the necessary credentials you need to start your business.  Also you can check for information on the website.

Do you have a lot of walk-in traffic?

Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites was designed for salon professionals who already have a strong client base.   While walk-ins are always welcomed to patronize the salons in our complex, it is not feasible for Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites management to market to walk-ins or equitably distribute these patrons to our tenants. That would be a conflict of interest to us and outside of our realm of property management but as a team player we will assist in areas of marketing for the development of a win-win situation.  Our facility is also a security controlled environment for the safety of our tenants who may be working odd hours or are alone in the building.

What comes in each Salon Suite?

Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites provides each suite with: Cable Hook-up, (1) Styling Station with Mirror, (1) Styling Chair, (1) Standing Mat, (one) Shampoo Bowl with Cabinet and (1) Shampoo Chair, (1) Dryer with Dryer Chairs, (1) Roll a-bout Cart, (1) Storage Cabinet, (1) Access Key Card to salon entry door and (1) Door Key to Suite.

Each room has two to three colored ensembles. Common areas include a sitting area for clients as well as a laundry area for you the professional. We also provide an automatic locking front door for your safety, with the ability for your clients to let you know they are there if you have an after hours appointment.

What are the hours of operation for the complex?

You have 24 hour access to your salon. The complex is secured by a security controlled access system that allows each tenant full access to his/her suite at any time. You will receive an Access Key Card to salon entry door.  Also for after hours entry for clients they have access to the door bell for entry.

I already work for a Salon and make great money, why should I choose to rent a suite at Angélique Salon & Day Spa?

At a traditional Salon, if you generate $5,000 a month, and sell another $1,000 of product, you typically earn $2,500 and $100 respectively, for a total of $2,600 in your pocket.

At Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites, if you generate the same exact totals from your clientele, and make 50% profit on products you would make $5,500 per month, minus your rent, for simplicity lets say it is $250/week. This means, after all is said and done, you would bring home a total of $4,500, or nearly two times what you make at a traditional salon.

How would you compare the convenience of Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites to a traditional Salon?

At a traditional Salon, as a Booth Renter you work the hours the salon is open and or as a Commission Worker your boss sets forth hours and you come in, sit around if you do not have any clients on the books, and waste a lot of time. You are at the beck and call of the owners, and typically have no say over what hours you work or longer working hours due to set scheduled hours of operation.

At Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites, our spa is open 24/7 and you work your own hours, you set your schedule and are free to come and go as you please. If you would prefer to pack your entire weeks clientele into 3 days, and have 4 days off, that is your choice. You work when you want to, and do not have to stay if you have no clients on the books. You are your own BOSS.

What are the advantages of leasing a space at Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites versus simply opening up my own Salon? 

This question needs to be addressed in 3 parts.
1) Cost:    When opening up a traditional Salon you are responsible for building out your desired floor plan, purchasing equipment, supplies, etc. You are also responsible for paying the utilities, a substantially higher rent, an accountant, etc. By leasing a space from us, you get all the advantages of owning your own Salon Suite, without any of the tremendous costs involved.

2) Risk:  In a traditional Salon you typically sign a 5 year lease, and take loans against your home, or other assets. If anything goes wrong you could be financially destroyed. At Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites you are only responsible for a 1 year lease, and do not need to incur any of the up front costs, therefore do not need to take a loan.

3) Ease:  If you own a typical Salon you need to be at the location all the time, you are responsible for payroll, paying all your other bills besides your rent, negotiating commissions with hairstylists, etc. At Angélique Salon & Day Spa Suites, you work only when you want to work, and are only responsible for paying your rent, leaving you with more time for yourself, and more money in your pocket.

Will I be allowed to paint the room, Build custom cabinetry, change flooring etc?

You may personalize your suite anyway you please but painting and flooring changing is not allowed in the suite.

What is the square footage of the suite?

Although it is impossible to specify every single configuration for all of our suites, we prefer to keep our room sizes at a bare minimum of  8'x10' giving you, even in our smallest rooms, ample space to
conduct your business.

What do I do if I have a question not answered here?

Please call us at 614-985-5920 or feel free to email us at info@angeliquedayspasuites.com or come in and see our newly decorated suites located in the Busch Center at 6120 Boardwalk Street. Columbus, OH  43229.

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